What is a mobile locksmith?

You’ve locked yourself out of your house…again. Who you gonna call? A mobile locksmith!

What is a mobile locksmith?

A locksmith is a highly trained tradesman who can handle virtually anything with a lock, and a mobile one can travel to you to help you out of a jam, anywhere, anytime. Specialized mobile units come to your car or office or home to help in an emergency or at your convenience.

What do mobile locksmiths do?

There are many reasons to call a mobile locksmith. Your home is the one place you should feel most secure but unfortunately, that is not always the case. This is something we don’t like to think about, but if you’ve moved into a new home or apartment, having all of the locks changed in case the previous owner kept his or her keys would give you peace of mind. Also, if you’ve been burglarized, you’d want to change your locks as soon as possible. Mobile locksmiths can do this quickly and securely, making your home feel like a safe haven again.
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No matter how hard we try to avoid them, occasionally, mishaps happen. You unlock your front door and the key snaps off inside the lock. You completely forgot the combination to a lock on a cabinet in your basement that you need to have opened immediately. You lock yourself out of your house…again. Mobile locksmiths can handle all of these problems quickly and efficiently and alleviate these frustrations.

Part of your home’s safety may include a safe for your valuables whether you have a hundred gold bars or that necklace from your Aunt Kay. Locksmiths are not only experts on what kind of safe would work best for you, they can also open them if you’ve forgotten the combination or lost the key.

One of the most frequent calls a mobile locksmith gets is for problems with automobiles. If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, a mobile locksmith can rush to your car and get you back in and on the road in no time. They also can repair broken keys, whether they are regular or smart keys and reprogram transponder keys. They can even repair your ignition or car locks, and of course, duplicate or replace car, motorcycle or transponder keys.

Mobile locksmiths can also cut keys. Why go to a big box store and have someone who works in the hardware department cut your keys when a mobile locksmith can come to you and do a professional, experienced job? Why risk having your newly cut key not work in your door lock and having to drive back to the store when a locksmith can show you that it works right on the spot?

They are not only an important ally for all homeowners but they also help businesses and industrial buildings and equipment. Anything with a lock!

Our mobile locksmith units are available 24/7 to help you with any key or lock problem and if you’re in the Chicago area, we can be there within 15 minutes!

So who you gonna call? 24/7 Speedy Locksmith in Chicago!


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