How to prevent vehicle break ins

Vehicle break ins are, unfortunately, something many if not most of us will deal with at some point in our lives. You might say, “It won’t happen to me,” but it’s certainly possible. We all know many people who have suffered vehicle break ins, and others who have had people try to break into their vehicles and fail. Often times, unless they’re really determined, a locked vehicle will be enough of a deterrent to keep your items safe. There are other ways, too, that you can deter thieves from trying to break into your car or truck.
Prevent Vehicle break ins locksmith tips - Robber breaking into car

Make sure to lock your doors!

I already mentioned locking your vehicle. For those that are just looking for opportunity, locking your doors whenever you leave your car. Whenever, you ask? Even if you go into the bank for 5 minutes? Yes, even then. That’s all anyone needs for opportunity. If your doors are unlocked, fives minutes is enough time to open the door, rummage quickly through the front and your glove box, and be gone. Even in broad daylight, thieves will take the opportune moment, and you could lose some valuables. Speaking of locking things, if you’re able to, lock your glove box when you’re not using it. You can store your smaller valuables in there safely if it has a lock. If not, don’t leave anything you don’t want to lose in there.


Try not to leave valuables in the car

Leaving valuables in your car is a pretty big enticement for thieves. Especially if they’re left out, like a phone left on the seat. Phones are one thing you don’t want to lose. They can take your phone, mess with your contacts, find any important or personal info that you might have on there and use it to their advantage. If you have one of those phone cases that hold cards, that makes it even worse. Take your phone with you or hide it from plain sight, along with any other valuable items you don’t want to lose. That includes CDs too.


Consider getting an alarm

Your car alarm, surprisingly, can help too. If your car is parked at night in your driveway and the car alarm goes off, most thieves will run off, assuming they’re about to be caught.


Secure the rest of your vehicle

Don’t leave your windows or sunroof open when you leave your vehicle. Close them before you get out of the car. There are also devices you can get that will deter people from trying to steal from your vehicle. Extra locks and such, or even tracking apps for your phone. Any combination of these will deter most thieves and keep your car and valuables safe.


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